The Police who intervened in a street delivery speak

Two agents of the Rapid Intervention Unit of the Local Police became the improvised maids last Friday night. While patrolling the neighborhood had to intervene in the delivery of a woman who could not wait for emergency services to give birth in the middle of the street.

Although at first his idea was only to reassure the woman while the emergency services arrived, in the end they had to do the complete work and help the woman to give birth.

A reflective vest served as an improvised blanket to tuck the girl in, while the two officers gave the first assistant and kept the little girl warm, while the ambulance arrived.

Both policemen applied their knowledge in first aid to be able to assist the woman in this impromptu birth in the middle of the street. The same health workers congratulated them for their work and that is that the ambulance went to assist a pregnant woman and when they arrived they already found the girl outside.

The neighbors who witnessed the incident applauded the two agents, who also received words of thanks from the mother and her family.

After what happened, the two agents have thought about getting in touch with the woman so they can see the baby again. They recognize that it was a different and beautiful service, coming home with the satisfaction of bringing a new life to the world.  
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You can only take your child on a motorcycle if he is over 7 and over 12 in case you are not the child's guardian.

Many drivers doubt whether they can take their children on a motorcycle as a passenger, for example, to be able to take them to school safely and avoid traffic jams. To begin, we must verify that our motorcycle or moped is approved to carry a passenger.

Regarding the age of the child, as a general rule, who is older than 12 years old and as an exception, if they are 7 years old they can be passengers on a motorcycle as long as the driver of that motorcycle or moped is their father, their mother, their guardian or persons of legal age authorized by them.

Accessories and useful equipment
It is not mandatory, but to take your child safely to school you can put a reflective vest, reflective tapes on arms or legs or in the backpack, for example. It will help the child and the motorcycle to be seen and to make other drivers aware of the position, the trajectory of the motorcycle and the presence of a child, so that they maintain a prudent distance. It is also worth bearing in mind that not all children come with their legs to the footrest, so there are accessories on the market such as extension arms or special seats that hold the child better and have higher foot rests.

The ideal posture
The position of the child on the motorcycle as a passenger should always be astride and behind the driver, with the feet resting on the side footrests. We must ensure that the driver is properly gripped, which is safer than holding on to the bike, and teaching him not to move sideways with sudden movements, in addition to not being distracted. The best thing is to practice before and always explain everything they should do until they assimilate it and be a natural behavior. Be careful with your driving style, especially when you take a child: foresight and smooth handling. Respect for traffic regulations is fundamental to teach responsibility and raise awareness.

The helmet
The helmet is not only an obligatory safety element (which has some reflective materials on it), it saves lives and reduces the effects of an accident. Never takes your child without a helmet. To make you an ideal, 85% of the total deaths due to the consequences of brain injuries from a motorcycle accident, is due to not having used the helmet. The child must wear a helmet, adapted to the size of his head and not an adult.

Carrying a backpack on a motorcycle is not always recommended, not only for balance or aerodynamics, but also because any unforeseen event or fall can be dangerous, especially when it is overloaded. Check your child's backpack before taking him to school and make sure he takes only what is necessary. Then, you should bear in mind that the safest way to carry a backpack or any other extra load on the bike is to carry a trunk in the back, saddlebags on the sides of the bike. If the available site of the motorcycle allows it and your child's backpack is small, fix it with a net.  

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Resting with your head

We publish a policy communication regarding meetings with the youngest, with whom uniforms talk about safe holidays.

Preventive activities carried out are aimed at improving the awareness of vacationers in the area of safe spending of free time. The Legnica policemen actively participate in meetings with the youngest to remind them about the principles that can affect the joyful memories of the holiday period.

Officers of Pavia Police Headquarters in Legnica met with participants of summer camps organized by the Commune Sports and Recreation Center. The theme of the talks was issues related to safe rest within the framework of the campaigns "I'm safe at the water" and "Safe holidays".

Uniforms discussed the rules applicable to guard bathing. They advised how to properly behave while playing with water to avoid tragic consequences. Participants of the meeting received information and education materials from officers, which will allow them to remind themselves about proper behavior at any time.

The subject of safety rest in the place of residence was discussed. Contacts with strangers and the dangers of taking intoxicants. During the meeting, the children also practiced providing first aid to the injured person.

At the end, the participants could see the police car and its equipment at close quarters. Everyone has also received a reflective vest with two reflective tapes, which will help to improve their safety during bike rides or holiday walks.  

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A reflective action at the school

Competitions, talks, meetings with police officers and rescuers - these are just some of the activities in the "Reflective school" action.

The team of Non-Public Unpaid Schools takes part in the campaign for the sixth time. Every year, the range of activities undertaken by the institution is growing. "They aim to instill young people, from kindergarten to middle school, to safety rules on and around the roads. We pay special attention to reflective materials." says Magdalena, a teacher at ZNNS.

Security is promoted in various ways. The school organized, among others, competitions for the best-suited backpack, for the best "reflective" newspaper, but also for the original reflective vest and reflective hairstyle.

"We monitor how students arrive at school and whether they wear reflective tapes outside of it. We are conducting talks on this subject on parenting hours. We organize reflective discos ." enumerates Magdalena.

From unusual activities, it can be mentioned that the school celebrated, among others, Road Marks Day and Signaling Day.  

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The scooter hit the cyclist

A 64-year-old cyclist was taken with a head injury to the hospital as a result of a traffic accident. The driver of the two-wheeler was hit by a mower driven by a moped.

On Tuesday, August 28, before 22.00, the policemen on duty received information about a traffic accident. On the spot, the nearest to the uniform appeared from the Police Station, emergency services and officers from the road route.

According to preliminary findings, the driver of a 34-year-old driving in the direction of Lipinski hit the back of a cyclist riding in the same direction. The bicycle operator, 64-year-old resident of our point, moved without the required lighting, the reflective vest, and did not have a mandatory reflective material - says asp. Tomasz, spokesperson of the Municipal Police Headquarters.

As a result of the incident, a cyclist with a head injury was taken to the hospital.

The driver of the scooter was sober. The biker was clearly able to feel alcohol, which is why blood was taken from him to test for alcohol content. In addition, the man was aggressive both in relation to the police officers and the ambulance crew who were assisting him - adds the press officer.

On the spot, the police officers carried out many procedural steps necessary to thoroughly explain the circumstances of the entire incident.

Being thoughtless or disregarding traffic rules may be the cause of a tragedy. Unfortunately, for some trivial things, which is a reflective vest with reflective tape or the lighting of a two-wheeler, it can have tragic consequences. Let's talk to our children, parents or grandparents about traffic danger. Let's consider whether you can visit them without giving them a reflective vest and talk about the necessity of using it. In this way, we can give our loved ones the greatest gift that they can receive, or life - asp appeals.  

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Is this fashion or is it allowed to go away?

As usual, we owe it to Kim Kardashian and her sweetheart Kanye West. The two - and pretty much all the other members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan - have such a weird fashion taste that it's almost impossible that their outfits are so trendy. But that's the way it is with the influences and the fashion: You buy what is promoted by well-known personalities. And it does not seem to matter whether its reflective cycling shorts or neon yellow reflective jackets.

This is nice fashion. It was made as said by Kim-K and Co, imitated by the online fashion brand Pretty Little Things. There you can buy the safety vest for almost 50 Euros. And she is actually close to being sold out - size S is therefore no longer at the present time. In doing so, one honestly wonders who will really wear this jacket in public. In the rather stuffy Vienna, probably little girls will sit in the U6 and blind their fellow human beings. Then you can imagine the jacket even more in major US cities or in crazy fashion metropolises like London.

But even there it is somehow out of place. It is certainly not meant to be evil, but the design is reminiscent of futuristic societies in which the rich adorn themselves with wearing the "exotic" work wear of the subjects as a fashion statement. But what do we know about fashion? If Kanye West on a glacier post and the more than 680,000 people like, then it must be something, right? Nobody in the newsroom will catch us in such warning jackets with reflective materials, except when someone has a particularly dangerous bike lane home. And who knows, maybe this neon monster is the perfect cycling jacket for gloomy and foggy autumn evenings? I think we're here for something...  

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Pedestrians also have to do alcohol tests

The consumption of drugs and alcohol at the wheel with the aim of reducing accidents is one of the main objectives of the General Directorate of Traffic, through road controls. But not only those who put themselves at the controls of a vehicle are punishable in case of exceeding the legal limits, because if you are walking and you are involved in a traffic accident or commit a violation, you are required to submit to the Breathalyzer test, just like if the police require it. Although they will not take points from the card (which would happen if you were driving), the fine would receive the same, and for an amount of up to € 500.

The legal limit is 0.25, when it begins to be punishable. In case of exceeding 0.50g / l or being a repeat offender, the sanction would amount to one thousand Euros, according to explain to ABC the experts of Pyramid Consulting.

Pedestrians can also be subject to numerous penalties, since like vehicles, they are obliged to know and respect certain traffic regulations.

For example, pedestrians have to be visible and. At the same time, have to have controlled the road. Therefore, on interurban roads, you should always walk on the left side of the shoulder, as this is the way you have to face the approaching vehicles.

In addition, both at dusk and at dawn or adverse weather conditions pedestrians are required to wear reflective vests. Pedestrians who do not comply with these rules may be sanctioned with fines of up to 80 Euros.

Highways, highways and traffic lights
Pedestrians cannot walk on highways or motorways, and doing so is a fine of 80 Euros. So much so, that if, in a vehicle, you have to stop for an important reason, you should always wear the hi vis vest with reflective materials. In addition, the rest of passengers will have to stay inside the vehicle.

Pedestrians are often unaware of the danger of crossing a red light. And, at that time, they put themselves and the other users of the road in danger. Therefore, fines are stipulated for this type of behavior: up to 200 Euros penalty.

If you are going to cross the street, you must always cross the pedestrian zone. Otherwise, and despite having a pedestrian crossing or traffic light nearby, you could have a penalty of € 80.

One last, or example: walking too slowly is punishable. Although only those who do so will receive a fine without a justified reason, traveling too slowly can be a risk, because it could create dangerous agglomeration.  

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Béarn: beware of scams with yellow vests

People wearing yellow reflective vests are placed at the roundabouts of major roads. It's a scam.

On Thursday, a patrol of the national police intervened at a roundabout of the avenue Gaston following several call from motorists. Rescuers in yellow jackets with reflective tapes are posted on major roads to challenge motorists by pretending to be volunteers of charities or humanitarian organizations.

A few exchanges are enough to have serious doubts about their intentions. A Pau motorist was even presented with a letterhead of the Prefecture of authorizing this canvassing. It is likely a fake.

As for the door to false quality, at home, the police reiterate precautionary advice with regard to this kind of seller.  

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The drunken driver took the wheel of his car on a quick ride

A wild ride from a large roundabout on Gorlovka Street in Havirov could not have driven a driver who had breathed almost 2 promises on Sunday afternoon.

He was too fast for the exit of the roundabout, and at the pedestrian crossing he headed out to the left curb that he had fiddled with the left front wheel. Because it was not just a tiny cut of the tire, the wheel was badly damaged.

Accidents were noticed by the city police, which was nearby and was almost instantly on the spot. The driver's officers held up so that he could not escape. The guided breath test proved to be drunk. On the spot, the Republican police took over. Under surveillance, he traveled to a seizure, and after sobering he was interrogated and charged.

"This is a 34-year-old man with a breath test of 1.9 per mile of alcohol," police spokeswoman Vaile confirmed.

As the driver had problems with alcohol earlier, his car was confiscated by the police and would, according to the law, be forfeited to the state.

Just half an hour later, preventive action began on Gorlovka Street, where police rewarded drivers who had everything right, including the alcohol test. They were given non-alcoholic beer, reflective vests and disposable alcohol tests.  
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"Superheroes" of the newspaper in a reflective jacket

"We are used to superheroes with long cloaks and tight suits with strange super powers, but there are some who simply have a yellow reflective jacket with reflective tape."

We are looking for new civic assistants, "superheroes" of the newspaper in a reflective jacket.

We are used to superheroes with long cloaks and tight suits with strange super powers, but there are some who instead simply have a yellow reflective jacket with reflective material, generous people who have chosen to be an active part of the well-being of our city. Whom are we talking about? Civic assistants, those figures who, in a silent and discreet way, provide assistance in many social activities

Civic assistants in a free way, trained and qualified with special course, collaborate in close contact with the Municipal Police and the Municipality, ensuring active and vigilant presence in the area. Founded in association in 2009, they have been active more than ever in 2017. Many initiatives have been attended, for example, for safe crossings in front of the Franciscan schools, Celia and the Bargain primary school. They have been present and supervised in many sporting events and the international Triathlon 'Ironman' competition in Cesena, just to name a few. Collaborate with the Municipal Administration and Neighborhoods in the leafleting and dissemination of institutional information for the Municipality or as supervision at the festival of trees in the Cava District and other initiatives promoted by the Neighborhoods. Moreover, with the collaboration of refugees and asylum seekers welcomed, they cleaned up the city from weed from sidewalks and abandoned waste.

"There are 35 associated volunteers, of whom 15 are active on a regular basis, which in 2017 involved over 3300 volunteer hours distributed in approximately 1700" services "- explains Vane, coordinator - Many people who have joined us in these years, even refugees. But today we find ourselves in need of new volunteers, of people who lend even one hour of their time. Our appeal goes to all those who love the city, everyone can become civic assistants without exception ". The Civic Assistants then look for other volunteers to support the services already active and if possible expand them for the year 2018.

On Monday 22nd January at 8.45 pm at the headquarters, a meeting will take place to present the free course to become a volunteer civic assistant. "Being a civic assistant is also a way to be an active citizen - to speak is the Mayor - the civic assistants are an important aspect for our city and in recent years has become much more than a volunteer, are people who they have chosen to play an active role and are an example of the civic sense ". "I would just add two words that encompass the sense of civic assistants: living and sharing. They are inhabitants of a territory that actively shares an example of promotion and civic sense ", concludes the Welfare Councilor Mascagni.  

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